Albert’s Pour House

Albert’s Shed now owns Frankwell’s Pour House and which is a bit of a dream for the old codger. Both bars are situated near the Welsh Bridge in Shrewsbury, with the Pour House on Frankwell Island and Albert’s Shed on Barker Street opposite Rowley’s House, so not far for him to walk.

As you know, Albert is all about the music but some things just don’t quite fit in his Shrewsbury Shed. It can get a little noisy, so not ideal for the quietest of acts.

Similarly, the Shed is a bit dark, that’s how Albert thinks music venues should be; creating an atmosphere that puts the focus on the quality acts performing on the stage.

Although both Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury and Albert’s Pour House are connected by music, the glue that binds both together is the community feeling.

The success of Albert’s Shed comes down to the communities that have developed in the shed. The musicians, the music fans, the artists, vagabonds and everyone else who just likes good drinks in good company.

We see Albert’s Pour House in the same way.

It’s a place to socialise, to enjoy time out with friends and enjoy a unique experience so we won’t be making any major changes, it’s a place that belongs to the people. Albert wants to make sure the Pour House vision is followed through with just a sprinkle of Albert’s Magic Dust.

What’s on at Albert’s Pour House

Fri 30 August 2019
Albert's Pour House


128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JX, UK

Sat 31 August 2019
Albert's Pour House


128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JX, UK

Fri 06 September 2019
Albert's Pour House


128 Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8JX, UK

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What’s changed and what’s stayed the same

Child-Friendly – No change here, we’ll continue to do milkshakes and all the great things that kids love about The Pour House. And if we’ve got some extra time on our hands then we’ll run some free activities too.

Dogs – Albert loves dogs. Dogs will always be welcome.

Choice – Albert loves Ale, Craft and Cider so we’re adding more choice both on draught and in the fridges. We’ll still continue to make cocktails with all the flair and flamboyance you’d expect from Shrewsbury’s most loved cocktail bar.

Customer Service – Albert is going to do more to ensure the service goes beyond the expected. Old school customer service is key.

Pricing – Albert has a few friends at breweries and other suppliers, so that means he gets a good deal! Where he can, he’ll be passing that benefit onto you.

Music – Although music is a theme with Albert’s venues, we understand the audience and what people want. So music will be limited on a Friday and Saturday to vinyl DJs playing low key music with the support of backing musicians. Nothing intrusive; classy but with an edge. We’ll continue with the much loved Open Mic and possibly look to add some original artist performances during the week. Albert loves grassroots original music, it’s the lifeblood of our industry.

Community – We’re going to do more to develop community and arts in the town, Albert’s Pour House is an excellent base for people to get together and make things happen.

So that’s where we’re at. We wish Paul and the family all the best with their future and look forward to welcoming you into Albert’s Pour House from Friday 9th August 2019.