Original music in Shropshire

Since Albert started talking about championing original music in Shropshire we’ve been overwhelmed with the number of people who wanted to get involved. We were especially excited to collaborate with Shrop Rocks, if you don’t know them already, you should check out their publication (available for free across Shropshire). They have been instrumental in supporting original music in Shropshire for some time now, which makes them an ideal partner to help our campaign.

When is Albert’s Songwriters Showcase?

We run the showcase every Wednesday evening at Albert’s Shed on Barker Street, Shrewsbury. Because the event in it’s very nature is about immersing yourself into the music we put a lot of emphasis on the atmosphere. That means soft lighting, nice comfortable furnishings and a real homely feel. We want you to relax and take in the very best original music that Shropshire has to offer. And it’s FREE.

And your host for the evening is….

Albert is all about getting people involved in the Shropshire music industry, so he was keen to get a great performer to host the event. In his eyes there is no one more fitting for the role than the excellent Nikki Rous. Already a stalwart and flag bearer for original music in Shropshire, Nikki is the perfect fit. Artists respect her, audiences adore her and Albert is super lucky to have Nikki working with his team.

Original Music in Shropshire featuring Nikki Rous

Do you want to fly the flag for Original Music in Shropshire too?

If you do, then please get in touch at originalmusic@albertsshed.co.uk.


27mar8:30 pmFeaturedAlbert's Songwriters ShowcaseOli Ng and Thom Morecroft


03apr8:30 pmFeaturedAlbert's Songwriters ShowcaseStolen Comfort, Andy O'Brien and KK

10apr8:30 pmFeaturedAlbert's Songwriters ShowcaseChoked, Sam Draisey, Sally Crosby

17apr8:30 pmFeaturedAlbert's Songwriters ShowcaseCathy Beech, Rumour

24apr8:30 pmFeaturedAlbert's Songwriters ShowcaseJennifer North and Spencer Cater


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