When Albert first opened his Shed, he wanted nothing more than to see talented musicians flourish in Shropshire and beyond. A place where artists would go to meet, collaborate and create.

To some extent, Albert has been very successful in realising his vision of a musical hub.

Jam night is like the incubator for new and up and coming talent in Shropshire. Not only is it great fun to watch a conversation in music blooming onstage but it paves the way for new beginnings. And Albert’s Songwriters Showcase provides an evolutionary step forward, giving artists a platform to trial new music to an audience before they fly solo over the weekend.

But that’s not enough for our Albert. He wants to reach out further, so more people discover the acts we’ve all fell in love with, so he’s calling out to you! The fans. The audience. The #shedheads who are making it possible to achieve the old man’s dream.

How you can help

We’re looking for people to help promote artists. In return, you’ll gain free entry with a plus one to selected events as well as waiving the standard Friday and Saturday night charges.

Here’s what content we’re looking for:

Live reviews are our biggest focus. At the moment we don’t do enough live reviews and we want to help spread the word way beyond our website, so we’ll use our clout to get your work published in different online and traditional media.

We love a good interview. You can find some of our most recent video interviews on this site, but it can be just text or even an audioclip or podcast.

Help spread the word of new music being produced by local artists. We’ll host the review on our site and use our social media channels to promote it.

What to do next

Get in touch!