When Albert first opened his shed, he had a vision of building not just a high-quality music bar but to be the hub of original music in Shropshire.  After only one year, we achieved this, providing a springboard for emerging artists, local heroes and bands from the UK and across the world. We love to put on lots of different types of gigs in Shrewsbury, so when you’re at a Shed you’ll see dance acts, folk, rock, indie, swing, reggae, ska, blues and much more.

We’re championing original gigs in Shrewsbury

As die hard music fans, we want to see original music gig in Shrewsbury develop and flourish. While many venues in the town only book cover artists, we’re championing creativity. And we support cover artists too, Albert loves nothing better than to see people singing their favourite songs at the top of their voices.

What to expect at Albert’s Shed, Shrewsbury

Music gigs in Shrewsbury have never been so varied because Albert likes to be different. That means giving all artists a chance to shine through, providing a platform to perform in front of hundreds of people. This is especially true for young musicians or those who may not have played gigs in Shrewsbury yet. See us as a live music Spotify, collating the best artists and acts from Shrewsbury, Shropshire and beyond.

We showcase the best live music gigs in Shrewsbury

On big band Friday expect to see a whole range of different acts from rock to pop, folk to the blues. This is the night where Albert picks the finest underground sounds. On big band Saturday, we offer the best dancing music in town. What’s more the party doesn’t have to stop, because we’re open until 4am and will be spinning classics and new music all night long.

2019 May

Week 4

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  • 03May
    Swampcandy Band Albert's Shed, Shrewsbury
    9:00 pm


    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 05May
    Upfront Band
    9:00 pm


    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 07May
    8:30 pm

    Jam Night

    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 14May
    8:30 pm

    Jam Night

    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 21May
    8:30 pm

    Jam Night

    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 26May
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
    Sonic Boom Band
    9:00 pm

    Sonic Boom

    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury
  • 28May
    8:30 pm

    Jam Night

    Albert's Shed Shrewsbury