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Perform at Albert’s Shed

Albert loves live entertainment! So if you are a performer or an agent please fill in the contact form below, please note we don’t book tribute acts.

As you’d expect, Friday and Saturday nights are busy nights for us at Albert’s Shed. On Fridays we usually book bands who play original, fresh music that gets the party going, and on Saturday nights we book high profile artists and cover acts. Because we’re committed to providing a whole range of entertainment every night of the week, Sunday and Mondays are often springboard sessions for up and coming solo artists or groups. For brand new bands, our jam night slots are a great way to build up confidence or test out new material. Wednesdays are all about praising songwriting talent and it’s all about that intimate feeling between auidence and performer.

The Shed is not exclusive to musicians, we host theatre productions, comedy and pretty much any form of entertainment as long as you keep most of your clothes on. If it gets people clapping, we’ll make it happen.