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What is Albert’s Shed Radio?

Albert’s Shed Radio is a grassroots radio station based on Soundcloud.

Over the past 18 months we realised that it’s not easy to get touring bands onto local radio. Although BBC Shropshire is doing a fine job at supporting our local artists, we feel more work needs to be done to make Shrewsbury a hub for live music in the West Midlands.

We want to see original music flourishing in Shropshire.

Live entertainment is the lifeblood of the music industry these days. So we are partnering with local independent shops and businesses across Shrewsbury and Shropshire to increase awareness of the talent performing in our county.

As well as hearing all these amazing acts in your favourite shops, cafes and hairdressers you can also access Albert’s Shed Radio here as well as read more about them and when they’re playing.

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Albert’s Shed Radio Song List

The Mighty Vipers

Mighty Vipers – Cities on Fire

Mighty Vipers are a collective force, formed from musicians across the North/North West of England. Individually, each performer has carved their name into their niche, from renowned ska acts such as The Toasters through to world-leading brass ensembles. Bringing together the sounds of the Caribbean and the brass band culture of the north.

Beth Prior

Beth Prior – Green Tea

Conceived on Soul & Motown, raised on Nick Drake, Morrissey and John Martyn, Beth found her voice singing along to the divas of the 90’s. These influences were given a healthy dash of Reggae & Ska in her late teens that resulted in a memorable fusion which Beth carries to her listeners today.

Tree House Fire – Fools Gold

THF are from the leafy suburbs of Surrey and the hills, valleys and beaches of South Wales. Their style is deeply entrenched in reggae with lyrics and melody that ignites the soul, questioning modern society while music jams to the infusion of reggae, hip hop and ska, with a riff or two of rock on lead guitar.

Important legal stuff

Anyone can listen to Albert’s Shed Radio at home, but if you’re playing the station in a shop or office then please see the following link:

Information for businesses

Likewise, artists and bands who are playing in Shrewsbury or Shropshire, please click on the following link:

Information for artists and bands