Jam Nights in Shrewsbury have never been the same since Albert opened his doors in 2017. Now that might seem a bold statement to make, but it’s a testament to how successful the night has been, spurring on musicians from across the county to collaborate in so many different ways. We’ve even seen Rod Stewart’s backing band get involved, not to mention local heroes such as Dan Owen.

What should you expect at Jam Night?

Jam Night is held every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm until late. It’s hosted by some of Albert’s closest friends, bringing together local acts and solo performers for the first half of the night until around 11pm.

Then it goes wild with a free-for-all jam session that is different every week.

We’ve seen explosive jams chock full of spontaneous vocal artilleries, blistering solos and thoughtful chord progressions. Real musical talent that pours straight from the heart, and that’s what makes Albert’s Jam Night so special. A bustling dancefloor and ear to ear smiles are standard.

Don’t forget to speak with our host if you’ve come down for the open jams, so we can make sure you get to play out.

Information for performers

If you’re a solo artist or an act and you want to perform, we highly recommend booking in advance. Not only does this give us the chance to promote you but it’s the best way to guarantee a place.

If you’re not successful in getting a slot when you want to play, keep asking; it’s just that Albert’s Shed Jam Night is very popular and we can’t accommodate everyone all the time.

i.e drums, amps and so on.
So we can promote you.