Albert loves his Shed but no one person can be held responsible to run it, not these days.

Maybe back in Albert’s youth, he could hold it all together; serving everyone in order, calculating the prices in his head (in decimal he might add) and in super quick time. Well, that’s what he says! And we definitely won’t go into the stories he regales of his luck with the ladies.

But that was before we had the pleasure of making acquaintances.

These days he’s always on the lookout for people who want to make Albert’s Shed Shropshire’s premium entertainment venue. People like you.

Below you’ll find our application form for employment, please fill out as best you can and if you fit the bill, we’ll get back to you.

In some instances, we may not have a job immediately available, but we’ll keep your details on record for three months. If we haven’t been back in touch within that time, please feel free to apply again.

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