Albert’s Shed are aware of recent social media posts alleging that audience members have been victims of spiking within one of our venues.

Latest update (01/12/21): We met with West Mercia Police on Tuesday 30th November 2021 who confirmed we are doing above and beyond what is expected. Test results from spiking allegations have so far come back negative. We of course continue to maintain the highest standards to keep our audience safe.


Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury was already working closely with Chester University Students Union on preventing spiking in Shrewsbury night-time venues in response to the national news coverage of spiking, particularly that administered by needle.

Our Crime Prevention Policy was published several years ago and is widely acknowledged within the licensed trade locally to be an excellent example of good practice. This policy was recently reviewed and the section dealing with drinks spiking was expanded in response to recent national media activity.

Representatives of Albert’s Shed were founding members of a recently formed task force to examine the issue of drinks spiking in Shrewsbury. During the first meeting a police representative stated that there has been an extremely small amount of suspected spiking cases reported across the whole of Shropshire in the last twelve months. This would suggest that there may well be a disparity between actual cases and those cases reported.

For that reason, Albert’s Shed is committed to encouraging anybody who suspects that they may have been spiked to inform the venue and the police as soon as possible. Unfortunately, posting on social media does very little to provide the police or venues with an accurate picture of any possible problem, and even less to prevent further occurrences.

Regarding spiking preventative measures in place at albert’s shed venues, there are procedures in place which form part of our Crime Prevention Policy. These include:

  • A search table at the entrance with one door supervisor conducting searches including contents of pockets, wallets, tobacco pouches, filter packets, etc.
  • A second door supervisor conducts ID checks and bag searches.
  • A third door supervisor is stationed at the inner doors preventing anyone from taking glasses outside. This door supervisor recommends customers consume their drink before going outside to smoke. If they insist on leaving their drink, the door supervisor places a cover on top of the glass or bottle and observes the drinks to the best of their ability whilst carrying out their duties.
  • Additionally, all venue staff are trained to recognise suspicious behaviour and in how to deal with a suspected spiking incident.

As a grassroots live music venue and small independent business, we are committed to keeping our audiences safe.

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