Hailing from Herefordshire and Shropshire the incredibly talented quartet Call Of The Kraken has dropped their recent single ‘My Head Keeps Spinning’.

Now this band is one that creates one hell of a Rock song and does it so perfectly, it’s heavy, it’s manic and it’s one that is a hit in itself already. Starting off with a soft Rap, to picking up the pitch and going into a heavier and more high-pitch vocal, with the clashing of the drum and the killer riffs that bounce of the guitar.

The vocal ranges are insane, the Rap is mellow and the flow is incredible, but when everything is amped up a tad more, that’s when it really comes to life, the chaotic atmosphere that shreds through is one that many will love. Everything goes together hand in hand, no matter if the genres are far apart in sound, this band knows what to do to create a piece of music that many will be having on repeat.

By Karley Myall