One for fans of Ska and Reggae from across the West Midlands. The Shrewsbury Ska & Reggae Festival II features some of the best acts on the live scene right now. Literally these acts are all headliners in their own rights, but for some incredible reason, they’re all playing on the same stage in one day. We must be mad!

Sun 29th October · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 1pm

Shrewsbury Ska & Reggae Festival II

Albert’s only gone and done it again, a full day of ska & reggae aimed at your dancing feet. Here’s what to expect:


Captain Accident creates his unique blend of rock-driven soulful roots reggae, ska & dub at his home studio in Cardiff. With the help of the finest musical collective dubbed “The Disasters” this sound is then explosively transformed onto the stage, bringing an energetic & captivating live show. With soulful vocals, luscious harmonies, soaring twin guitars and a truly infectious groove, there’s no standing still when Captain Accident and his clumsy companions hit the stage.


With an up-tempo two-toned Ska-pop-punkish attack, Smoke like a Fish from Mid Wales relentlessly pump the offbeat with groove and aggression, behind brass.


Imperial Leisure are a ska / rock band from London, England. Influences include The Specials, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Madness, Ozomatli, and Youngblood Brass Band.


An unmistakable shades of post ska reggae simmering with new wave riffs, rhythmical plinks and bowel-shaking rumbles. Industrious bass and luminous bursts of percussive melody straddling the divide between manipulated dub, instrumental groove and disgruntled rhyme


Insanely catchy! Mixing super bouncy 2-tone ska with distinctly British sounding pop & indie stylings.


Straight out of the council estates of South Wales. Hard hitting lyrics, big riffs and good vibes.


Upbeat, punky ska, dance infused lil’ five piece who never fail to get a dance floor grooving and shaking. Tighter than a gnats bottom and with the bounciest basslines this side of Welshpool, Packet Racket always bring oodles of energy and top notch musicianship.


Spiky, punchy, bouncy, reggae boys from Telford who sprinkle their love of alternative rock into the mix as well. Incredible musicianship married to sweet ska melodies, the only thing that makes this crumpet grumpy is that it’s taken so long to get them on a bill. Say you were there first and see ya at the front.

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