Albert’s Shed’s Long-Standing Partnership with Shrewsbury Street Pastors

Shrewsbury Street Pastors celebrated their 10th Anniversary at St. Chad’s Church on Tuesday 23rd November. Managing Director of Albert’s Shed, David Gregg was in attendance. David has been a long-time supporter of the initiative and part of a team that helped the Shrewsbury branch get off the ground.

As part of a national operation, the Shrewsbury Street Pastors have been caring, listening and helping vulnerable people in Shrewsbury during the night-time hours at the weekend since November 2011. Street Pastors engage with people on the streets to care for them, listen to them and help them. They work together with other partners in the night-time economy including Albert’s Shed to make communities safer.

Pete Lawton, Chair of Trustees for Shrewsbury Street Pastors and also Operations Manager at Trebla Security, the security provider to Albert’s Shed venues said:

“It’s a fantastic celebration of all the good work these people have done. They’ve looked after so many vulnerable people”.

Pete goes on to explain his role with the Shrewsbury Street Pastors:

I brought the idea of Street Pastors to Licensing because I thought ‘what other ways can we bring an aspect of safety to the Shrewsbury night time economy?’ The answer was the Street Pastors. Before that I had implemented a Reunite Policy for under 18s that was rolled out across the whole of Shropshire”.

Albert’s Shed provided the catering for 200 attendees at the event, freshly prepared in their new kitchen at Albert & Co Frankville. The gesture is part of an ongoing partnership between the Shrewsbury Street Pastors and Albert’s Shed.

On the subject of partnerships, Pete Lawton said:

“Where Albert’s Shed is considered, they’re one of the main supporters of the Street Pastors. They always welcome us inside their venue and look after us”.

Steve Jones, Director of Operations for Shrewsbury Street Pastors added further:

“I’ve known Dave (Albert’s Shed) for a number of years now from various venues and he is so supportive. I go to the PubWatch meetings and it’s clear they’re a bunch of people who care. It’s the work of venues and the Street Pastors coming together to make the town a safe place to be. We’re fortunate they’re another addition to the partnership”.

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