Mighty Vipers

Who are The Mighty Vipers?

Mighty Vipers are a collective force, formed from musicians across the North/North West of England. Individually, each performer has carved their name into their niche, from renowned ska acts such as The Toasters through to world-leading brass ensembles. Bringing together the sounds of the Caribbean and the brass band culture of the north gives Mighty Vipers a unique sound that is unmistakable as it is irresistible.

An upbeat indie party band with a love for world rhythms and ska-tinged arrangements that bring to mind names like The Cat Empire, Ozomatli and the Hackney Colliery Band.

Rhythms and melodies flow like fine wine down a spiral of social commentary, underpinned by a wall of brass that smashes home the message. Open and honest, Mighty Vipers hold no pretence, just good, honest music that soothes the soul and ignites the dancefloor.

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