Fri 1st Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

Collider Skies

Four piece original indie band from the Midlands, the Skies are a tight, boisterous melodic bomb. With big fat choruses and galloping drums, these guys remind us of house parties and first-love summers, plus they’re the band most likely to soundtrack a montage from the In-Betweeners.

Honey. I Shot the President

HIStP are a Midlands based indie band who also incorporate some cheeky ska and punk in creating their own unique sound. Choruses as big as skyscrapers and thumping beats, they’re sure to appeal to fans of Britpop and anyone who’s in a Fred Perry polo.

Jack Evans

HIStP are a Midlands based indie band who also incorporate some cheeky ska and punk in creating their own unique sound. Choruses as big as skyscrapers and thumping beats, they’re sure to appeal to fans of Britpop and anyone who’s in a Fred Perry polo.

Fri 1st Sept · Albert’s Shed Southwater · From 9pm

Wax Futures

“Bullish”, “Raw” and “Anthemic” are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this Telford trio, whose mix of distortion, emotion and razor-sharp wit has led to comparisons with Fugazi, Hundred Reasons and Rival Schools (to name a few).

Cutting their teeth on the burgeoning Birmingham music scene, the band have already performed with the likes of Tall Ships, Castrovalva, The JCQ, &U&I, Gunning for Tamar, Nai Harvest & Exit_International and have become renowned for their explosive live show, leaving a trail of sweat and destruction in their wake.


Soaper describe themselves as simply ‘a noisy Alt-Rock 2-piece from Sleaford, UK’ and while this is true, it really doesn’t tell you enough about their math-rock, fizzy-pop, out and out BELTING music.

Quite simply, these guys wail. They rock. They are awesome musicians and know how to weave magical time signatures, mind bending riffs and brilliant shouty/singy vocals into something bewilderingly coherent and vital.

They’re awesome and you’re going to love them.

Gabba Gabba Hey

Wed 6th Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

Goat-Man & The Moth

First off, we have the vibrant, rawk scenes of the impeccably named Goat-Man and The Moth. Expect frantic stage energy and songs that echo vintage rock with a zeitgeist feel. SCORE!


Then we have our pals Ghozer, showcasing songs from their ferocious album ‘Black Lotus.’ These boys bring a psychedelic element to their stoner rock anthems, with a fair smattering of doom metal to get the walls melting. NOICE!

My Last Duchess

Headlining, we have Telford’s very own teenage riot grrrrl, skate punkers, My Last Duchess. With lashings of grunge and melodic aggressiveness, they create a wonderful cacophony of buzzsaw sounds, perfect to start the party. SCORE!

Fri 8th Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

The Endings

The Endings play Celtic folk/rock in the style of Dropkick Murphys & The Pogues.

Fri 8th Sept · Albert’s Shed Southwater · From 9pm

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas is a British guitarist, singer and songwriter. His early career saw him touring the UK and USA with Soul and Blues outfits before pursuing his own musical endeavours.

A new lineup saw a difference in direction with players from “The Brand New Heavy’s” and “The Brothers Groove” coming on board. The first glimpse into what Atlas had in store came from a series of successful Youtube videos released in 2018 under the title “Garage Funk”, resulting in a sensational response from fans and industry alike.

Atlas found himself venturing out of the garage to play some of the most prestigious venues in the UK such as Ronnie Scott’s, 100 Club, The Borderline, Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and a residency at Jools Holland’s Jam House.

In 2019 Atlas was touring Europe, Electrifying audiences with his unique style of guitar playing. Fusing roaring Blues solos over his Funk-laden arrangements.

Fri 15th Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

TV Pins

TV Pins deliver vocal harmony drenched sounds of West coast Americana with distinctively British avant-garde song writing. They share a love of keyboard grooves and a fusion of styles from busking reggae, Motown, funk, gypsy stomps and driving rhythms. Members of the band have played bass with Sting, whilst others have supported Blur. Mixed with the energy of youth, TV Pins are not to be missed.

Smokin’ Eskimo

Hailin’ from the rock’n’roll Mecca that is the West Midlands (Bilston to be precise). The Eskimo’s are a wonderful throwback to 90’s indie with their own bluesy twist.

A tight three piece with bundles of energy and swagger, they remind you of the days when you would neck a bottle of Frosty Jack and then head up to a house party soundtracked by Supergrass and Paul Weller.

Thurs 21st Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm


Award-winning grungy rock trio from Prague, Czech Republic presented by Indigo Bravo.


Synthetic Gothic Metal band hailing from Gloucester, United Kingdom.

Fri 22nd Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

The Ramonas

The Ramonas try to capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days. The on stage energy level is intense to put it mildly. Unfortunately it will never be possible to see the Ramones live again so the Ramonas are the next best thing for any Ramones fan.

The Skate Punx

The Skate Punx debut at Albert’s Shed where they’ll be bringing there high energy, melodic punk to the Shrewsbury. They’ll be playing fan favourites ‘No Retreat, No Surrender’ ‘The Colour Version Of You’ ‘Afterburner’ and ‘Ringing In My Ears’ – debuting new music and throwing in the odd cover, Bad Religion anyone?

Fri 29th Sept · Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury · From 9pm

Mad Dog McRea

Mad Dog Mcrea return to Shrewsbury with their blend of unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music. From self-penned songs of adventure, drinking, love and life, to traditional songs of gypsies, fairies, legless pirates and black flies – Mad Dog never fail to capture their audience with their infectious songs.

In constant demand and having played just about every festival and two – bit, jibe – arsed dive in Christendom, Mad Dog Mcrea are, in every sense of the word, a live, band.

Fri 29th Sept · Albert’s Shed Southwater · From 9pm

Jack Goodall & The Kick

Jack Goodall and the Kick perform their own kind of music. Funky and bombastic mixed in with the delicate and sedate. Jack Goodall’s contagious stage presence coupled with lyrics that deliver a raw and observant take on the world takes audiences on a journey that leaves them wanting more.

Sam Lambeth

Award-winning singer-songwriter whose music has been heard on Radio X and BBC Radio One, read about in Rolling Stone and NME, and has recently hit the UK Top 40 album chart.

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