The House That Jack Built are Rachel Cooper and David Molby, two Telford-born soul and funk-loving people raised in the distinctly funk-less county of Shropshire.

Named after Cooper’s favourite Aretha Franklin song, THTJB came about seven years ago when, bored with the lack of options to dance to anything that wasn’t chart based, they began their own night in various pubs in Telford, playing their signature style of funk/soul/80’s hip hop and ’90s R’n’B. However, as time has gone by, they now play anything that brings a smile to their faces or makes the floor groove.

Over the years they have hosted reggae parties, indie shindigs, and garage rock blow-outs, and have a ruddy wonderful time doing so.

Starting with Indie nights in Southwater and disco/funk/hip-hop in Albert’s own lovely loft, they now play an eclectic mix at any of their nights at the Shed. Please don’t ask for Ed Sheeran though, as this can cause PTSD in Molby.

Outside of THTJB, Molby has enjoyed radio success with his band Bad Fiancès, who are due to release an album next year and will hopefully be playing some live gigs in the forthcoming months.